Listed below are the various levels I have designed over the years. My focus and interest has always been on multiplayer maps and creating that delicate balance between a beautiful looking map with great design for competitive play.


Counter-Strike Source : (Multiplayer)

Originally a Counter-Strike 1.6 level I developed and used for competitive play. Tuscan was first introduced by CEVO as a commisioned project. This level includes custom textures I created combined with stock Half-Life 2 and CS:S assets. The map was inspired by the beautiful tuscan houses seen in Italy and Spain.


Counter-Strike Source : (Multiplayer)

Russka was originally a Counter-Strike 1.6 level I created for competitive play for CEVO in their inaugural season for a map-making contest. The CS1.6 version took first place, and I was commisioned to create an updated version for CS:S. This level includes various custom textures inspired by Call of Duty 1 and assets from CS:S.


Counter-Strike 1.6 : (Multiplayer)

One of my latest Counter-Strike 1.6 levels I designed for CEVO and redesigned later for ESEA . Forge was a level that I drew inspiration from the industrial trainyards seen around Baltimore, Maryland. Textures and assets were used from CS:S and Half-Life 2 to allow for an easy portable version to be released at a later date.


UDK : (Deathmatch)

DM-Char is the first of an ongoing project to create a series of deathmatch-style maps utilizing the powerful and beautiful UDK software. The overall goal was to construct small levels, master the software, and gain an understanding of the UDK Kismet Scripting Language. Textures and assets were used from UDK.


Counter-Strike 1.6 : (Multiplayer)

Originally intended to be released in the ESEA League, Core is still my favorite map to date. The map went through a series of professional critiques from pro-gamers at the time. Custom textures were designed for this map, as well as textures used from CS:S and Half-Life 2. The inspiration for this map was a gritty industrial melting plant.


Counter-Strike 1.6 : (Multiplayer)

The winning level design entry for the inaugural first season of CEVO competitive professional play, Crete is a map that drew direct inspiration from Italy, Sicily, and of course the island of Crete. Custom textures were designed for this map as well as assets used from Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike Condition-Zero.


Counter-Strike 1.6 : (Multiplayer)

Named for the truckyard stop found in Holland, Meer is a level directly inspired by western Europe architecture, Call of Duty, and Day of Defeat. The level was originally intended to be used in Day of Defeat. Custom textures were created for this level as well assets used from Day of Defeat, Call of Duty, and CS:Source.


Counter-Strike 1.6 : (Multiplayer)

These designs are levels inspired by Eygptian architecture, specifically the region around Karnak, and industrial storage facilities directly inspired by the train and truck loading facilities seen in regions such as Warsaw, Poland and Russia. I created custom textures for each level and textures were used from Half-Life 2.